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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a virtually invisible urethane self-healing film that repairs itself should it be scratched. The film uses a special polymer in its clear coat that flows through the middle of a 3-layer film and even though it has cured should a scratch occur, the clear coat will find its natural level again removing the scratch leaving the paint looking like new. XPEL also protects the paint from stone chips and general wear and tear which in turn maximises your resale value.

Common Protection Packages

Bumper Protection

This level of protection is perfect for daily driven vehicles to protect the areas commonly affected by stone chips.

Impact Zone Protection

The same coverage to bumpers and mirrors with the addition of side skirt and luggage area, offering protection when entering and exiting the vehicle.

Standard Protection

Our most commonly requested coverage areas, including bonnet coverage to protect against stone chips and road debris.

Full Front-End Protection

Full front-end coverage for complete peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from all potential damage commonly caused on the road.

Track Protection

Full front-end coverage with the addition of impact zones more commonly affected at higher speeds, ideal for vehicles that may be used on track.

Full Vehicle / Custom

Definitely a must on high value vehicles is complete protection of the original paintwork, or if you have a specific coverage requirement let us know.

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